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Commvnion is a certified and licensed custodial service for The Incorporeal — a human being’s immateriality left behind after their passing. Colloquially known as a soul, ψυχή, נפש, or spirit, we call it The Anima

Commvnion functions as a Fabbrica Dell’anima, or Soul Factory. We are the first and only institution on Earth* licensed and certified to offer an afterlife marketplace for The Incorporeal, The Anima, and That Which Makes Us Whole.

* There exists an extraplanetary Fabbrica Dell’anima, but our Anima contracts remain fully transferable outside your current ethereal realm.

La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo

La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo

La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo

La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo

La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo

Entra Nel Vuoto

Entra Nel Vuoto

Entra Nel Vuoto

Entra Nel Vuoto

Entra Nel Vuoto

Soul Sourcing is a tradition steeped in equal parts history, ritual and controversy. Historically, souls were sourced at the moment of an individual’s death, which allowed for the soul’s immediate authentication and preservation of the soul’s secularity. Oftentimes, this style of immediate harvesting proved traumatic and disruptive towards the natural grieving process for both friends and family of the deceased.

At Commvnion, the days of immediate and disruptive harvesting are long a thing of the past. Through a variety of proprietary scientific advancements in both Spiritual Incision technology and Temporal Consciousness Abatement, we are able to consensually harvest an individual’s soul at any point in time — past, present, and potentially even the future.

We take the philosophical, moral and ethical issues of soul sourcing very seriously, so we are especially proud of our 99% “Ethically Sourced” approval rating from the Society of Spiritual Incision.

“Out of thy head I sprung: amazement, seiz’d All th’host of heaven; back they recoil’d, afraid At first, and call’d me Sin.”

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

The Brown Bag Special

The Brown Bag Special, a timely and uncomfortable collection of uniquely cheap and terrible people. These souls have been lovingly curated by our team and packaged as cost effectively as possible.

Below you can browse a brief overview of the limited collection.


Fabbrica Dell'anima

Additional Services

Soul Mediation and Restitution

Does someone own your soul and you want it back? Do you claim ownership of a soul but lack the verification? Do you dispute a soul on offer by our Custodial Service? Through Commvnion’s Soul Mediation and Restitution service, a tribunal of Custodians can help remedy almost every incorporeal hiccup one might encounter.

The Soul Mediation and Restitution process involves a carefully selected tribunal of Custodial Peers, picked by you, and approved by Commvnion’s Unhuman Resource Department. Once approved, the tribunal is scheduled to meet exactly 32 days before and after the winter solstice.

After the tribunal has sufficiently examined and considered the problem at hand, a final meeting under the new moon will take place for the Indisputable Verdict to be read aloud. All parties involved are required by Ethereal Law to bear witness, and any deviation from the Custodial Tribunal’s Indisputable Verdict will result in immediate forfeiture of all souls in question, regardless of prominence or current temporal whereabouts.

If you’d like to inquire about our Soul Mediation and Restitution services, please contact us directly.

Private Label Custodial & Concierge Services

Commvnion offers a Private Label Custodial & Concierge Service available to Society of Spiritual Incision vetted VIPs and prominent societal figures, artists, politicians and lawyers. Religious figures are approved on a case by case basis.

Commvnion’s Private Label Custodial & Concierge Service provides a full range of opportunities from one off custom Animas, collaborative Animas, and even assistance in the acquisition of exceptionally rare extra-dimensional Animas.

Anima Purging

An individual’s Anima is generally eternal. However, there are exceptions.

A Custodial Tribunal is generally required to address prominence required for the purging of an Anima. Please see the Soul Mediation and Restitution section for additional information.

This is not a service to be abused or taken lightly.

Ethereal Exorcisms

Is your Anima possessed by something other than it’s original Terrestrial Host? We can help.

Our Ethereal Exorcism service offers a relatively trauma-free eviction of all demons, jinns, and other unwanted spiritual entities from occupying the Incorporeal Form of your Anima.

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. - Matthew 10:28